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Sydney University, September 2017
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Topics may include, but are not limited to: New tools & platforms (case studies essential, non-promotional)/New research in the online community space (or impacting our work)/New insights from social science/New developments in community management practice globally or locally.
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We’re interested in big ideas, but more importantly, their outcomes and implications. We’re even more interested in people that can present information in a non-standard way.
Outline three key points that will be covered in your presentation.

Sessions should include case studies or success stories within the sector (co-presentation is encouraged), take-away practical tools or strategies (i.e., the how-to guide, top 10 tips, etc) and be relevant and applicable to communities and teams of different sizes (many of our audience are from small to medium organisations as well as larger brands).
Outline the relevant theory/data/insight to be delivered in your presentation.

Swarm is focused on sharing knowledge and skills, so all attendees can leave the conference with tangible, practical ideas and tools to assist them in their own projects and plans.
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Please specify. Presenters should plan for a 30-minute session including questions.
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